Tradition and Innovation
carved in 100 years of history.

CEV is a marble and granite processing company with over 50 years of generational experience based in Sega di Cavaion, in the heart of the strategic Verona stone industry.

What material are you looking for?

The online catalogue is a simple and interactive tool made available to customers to research and get to know in detail the great variety of stones available in the materials portfolio.

More than 8.000 sqm of warehouse and over 7.000 slabs available and viewable through our Online Stock

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The true beating heart of the company.

The Concept Store for the bathroom

EERA Bagno is located in Sega di Cavaion, Verona. A space aimed at professionals and individuals, with a single goal: to imagine the bathroom from a to z, from the cladding of surfaces (walls and floors) to furnishing accessories and decorative elements.