About us

Tradition and Innovation
carved in 100 years of history

Vast experience, technology and training have led CEV to be nowadays an important point of reference in stone processing.

The beginning of the relationship between the Crescini family and natural stone dates back to the early 1900s, when Angelo Crescini and his brother opened a small stone workshop in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, Verona.

His son Luigi joining his father's business at the end of the 1950s soon sets the start of a rapid process of corporate and commercial growth which culminated in the foundation of CEV in 1973.

This completes the transition from a small artisan reality active just in the local community to a mature company that increasingly faces the national and international market and stands out as a reliable partner for the supply of natural stones from all over the world.

Over the years, along with the structure of the company, the technologies and machinery of the production department have also changed thanks to a series of important investments that guarantee the constant modernization of the manufacturing processes. Since that distant 1973 CEV leading figures have changed also and now it is the son Michelangelo, who manage the company started by their father with unchanged passion and well-established experience.

They are the ones who have accepted the new challenges launched by the market requiring today greater attention to the natural aspect of materials and to the eco-sustainability of production processes and being increasingly oriented to the designed space where natural stone interacts with different furnishing elements.

2017 finally marks a new transition of growth for CEV with the latest generation of Crescini joining the company and the unveiling  of the EERA Bagno project, a concept store entirely aimed at design solutions for the stone furnishings of the bathroom environment and wellness area.

Yours is the choice of the best stone.
We have the tools to make it unique.

CEV is a marble and granite processing company with over 50 years of generational experience based in Sega di Cavaion, in the heart of the strategic Verona stone sector.

 In our warehouse, transformed into a real exhibition space that can be visited by the customer, over 7.000 slabs are available with a wide choice of precious marbles, travertines, quartzites and granites. This great variety of materials is the result of continuous research in quarries all over the world to select the best product quality and satisfy the request of our customers.

In addition to the warehouse for the slabs sale for large and small distribution, the company has an internal space aimed at the manufacture of high-end finished products, the CEV LAB.

Whoever our customer may be, stone manufacturer, designer, architect or general contractor, our goal is to work in synergy with them and together find the best solution for their projects. Stone is a living and changing product and its manufacturing process is halfway between industry and craftsmanship, so it is of central importance to assist the customer from the initial project to the final realization with advice based on experience.

We do not know which stone will be the most requested in the future, but our mission is to believe in the customer's taste and work towards trying to always have the right material for every need.

CEV adopts and enforces a health and safety system according to the UNI ISO 45001:2018 standard.