Couleur PURPLE
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Porfido Viola Monumentale is an Italian natural stone, it has a very uniform dark purple color with a very fine and well compacted grain. These characteristics are a reflection of its robustness, as indeed it is among the hardest natural stones extracted in Italy. Thanks to its technical properties it provides excellent resistance to wear from atmospheric agents and even extreme frost. It is generally found in flooring and external cladding often with a flamed surface. However, more and more often it can also be found used for interior claddings and kitchen worktops.

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porfido viola monumentale granites

Directly from CEV LAB, be inspired by our realisations.

In the project below, we can see how the material's texture and uniformity is highlighted by the surface applied. The ancient stone uniformly covers the modern and clean lines of design. The material's solidity is highlighted by the same stone, which when skillfully laid creates a unique effect, reflecting a uniform color that highlights the furniture elements.