A passion over

four generations

Crescini’s family entrepreneurial experience with natural stone dates back to the beginning to the 20th century, when Angelo Crescini together with his brother opens a small workshop in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, Verona. His son Luigi joining the father’s business in the late 50’s sets the start of a rapid commercial growth and infrastructure expansion culminating with the foundation of CEV in 1973.

A small workshop operating in the local market is thus transformed into an experienced factory capable of facing the booming domestic and international markets and distinguishing itself as reliable partner in supplying natural stone coming from all over the world.

Over the years, both the company and its manufacturing technologies have developed thanks to a series of major investments aiming at modernizing and improving the efficiency of the production process.

Since 1973 the company leaders have changed too. It is now Luigi’s sons Michelangelo and Andrea, who manage the family company with unaltered passion and established experience.

They have accepted the new challenges of today’s globalized market requiring more attention to the material’s natural appearance, sustainability of the production process and being increasingly oriented to the designed space where natural stone interacts with different furnishing elements.

2017 sets a new milestone for CEV with Crescini’s fourth generation becoming involved in the company and the opening of the new sister company EERA Bagno, a concept store entirely dedicated to design solutions for natural stone furnishing in bathrooms and wellness areas.